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Bigger Bang Blog is a growing a collection of custom written articles full of tips and how-to advice aimed to detonate the web and design world. With the World Wide Web becoming a glorious sea of interconnected information, we decided to take a shot at contributing with a few bomb articles. It is also an opportunity for us to display our knowledge and illustrate skills.

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This month's free Desktop wallpaper.

You have got your new CMS  website, now what? 

A lot of people don't know where to start when it comes to filling up the website with real content and what most people don’t realise is that the most important piece of coding on the entire page is often done by themselves... the content! The golden rule to today’s SEO is

Apart from being free, fast, secure and web standard compliant, fire fox is also favored by many web surfers and developers because of its extensive range of add ons which extend the functionality of the browser.

Add-ons, Browser

You may have heard web developers hating on Internet Explorer 6, but it's not just web geeks. It's also web designers, and even the big companies like Google, Youtube and Apple, who have have said a flat out 'No!' to supporting IE6.