10 Browser Extensions to Give Firefox More BANG!

Apart from being free, fast, secure and web standard compliant, fire fox is also favored by many web surfers and developers because of its extensive range of add ons which extend the functionality of the browser.

Here is a list of our favorite Firefox add ons here at Bigger Bang

  1. FireFTP FireFTP  - FTP Interface - Upload/download directly to server via firefox.

  2. ColorZilla ColorZilla  - Colour Picker - Sample exact colour of anything within browser.

  3. Delicious Bookmarks Delicious Bookmarks  - Online Book Mark Manager - Synchronise bookmarks across computers.

  4. MeasureIt MeasureIt - Ruler - Measure exact dimension of anything within browser.

  5. Download Statusbar Download Statusbar - Download Manager - Displays Firefox downloads at bottom of browser.

  6. Speed Dial Speed Dial  - Browser Launch Pad - Access your favourite / frequented websites much faster.

  7. BetterSearch BetterSearch  -  Search Engine Extender - See thumbnail previews of Google and Yahoo pages, remove sponsored links.

  8. FEBE FEBEFirefox Backup - Backup and transfer Fire fire settings and Add-ons.

  9. FireBug FireBugWEb Development - Edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live.

  10. FireBug Web DeveloperWEb Development - Huge bundle of web development tools.


Find Other Firefox Extensions More Suited to Your Needs

There are thousand more plug ins available Firefox all conveniently categorised  for  improved security, convenient twitter and news feeds or whatever your need may be, so visit the Firefox plug in website and see what you find.